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Ian Beyer

Network Engineer III

Expertise: Creative solutions to sticky technology problems. I particularly enjoy working with Wi-Fi systems and streaming video.

Background: New to the company in 2017 after spending over two decades in the industry following a tour of duty in the US Air Force. I’ve been taking electronics apart since I was a toddler and fixing them since I was in grade school. The first computer I used was my grandmother’s Kaypro 2, a “portable” CP/M machine that weighed over 20 pounds. I have my degree in Business Management and Computer Information Systems from Park University as well as being an Ekahau Certified Survey Engineer and a Certified Wireless Networking Professional, with certifications in wireless network design, analysis, and security.

Family Stats: I’ve been married for 15 years and have two teen daughters who are both way too smart for my own good, along with two cats who each weigh almost as much as my grandmother’s Kaypro.

TV Addiction: Binge watching Dexter and House of Cards on Netflix.

Hobbies: I enjoy multicopter aerial photography, reading (my Kindle has run out of storage once or twice), and volunteering in disaster relief with Team Rubicon (where I am the regional technology manager in Region 7), the Information Technology Disaster Resource Center, and the United Methodist Church Early Response Team. I’m also a passionate fan of baseball, the Kansas City Royals, and the Chicago Cubs.

Bonus Info: I serve on the technical team at my church, where I do audio and graphics, as well as recording sermon video.

Favorite Apps:

for-sale_tcm16-46008Netool.io – my favorite professional tool.
Download: Apple | Android

mlb at batMLB at Bat – for fun.
Download: Apple | Android | Amazon